Skin Masses / Growths

Evaluation of Masses, Cysts & Lumps

Dr. David Stone at Tri-County Surgical Partners provides prompt evaluation for your skin and soft tissue questions. While most lumps and bumps are benign, it is important to get them checked out. A few examples are:

  • Abscesses/Boils: may be found:  scalp, arms, torso, back and legs
  • Cysts: may be found on scalp and back
    • Pilonidal cysts (a cyst or infection develops in the skin over the tailbone)
    • Sebaceous cysts (sweat and/or oil glands)
  • Growths: may be found on head, neck, arms, torso, back, pelvis, hips, or legs
  • Lipomas: may be painful, persistent, or enlarging fatty growths below the skin.
  • Lymph Nodes: may be found in the neck, groin or underarm area
  • Masses or Lumps: may be found on the neck, chest, arms, abdominal wall, legs
  • Sweat Glands: may become infected in the armpit area (axilla)

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