Tri-County Surgical Partners Provides a Safe and Effective Solution for Hernia Repair

A hernia can be painful, keeping you from the activities you enjoy; and may become a serious threat to your health if left untreated. If you or your physician think you have a hernia, you need to see a specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

How do hernias occur?

The abdominal wall is made of muscle and other tissues to give strong support to the internal organs. A point of weakness (often present since birth) can enlarge due to overexertion, heavy lifting, sudden/repeated straining or severe coughing, causing or enlarging a hernia in the abdominal muscle wall. The hernia usually appears as a bulge or fullness in the abdominal wall. The hernia slowly stretches or enlarges over time, and can be painful.

Types of Hernias repaired by Dr. Stone:

  • Inguinal – one or both groin areas.
  • The tension-free repair
    • This technique is considered a safe, and effective method for hernia repair.  A tension-free repair allows your doctor to custom fit a synthetic mesh material to the exact size and shape required in order to repair the actual hernia.
    • Patients are discharged to their home a couple of hours after surgery, are usually walking the same day, and may return to most “light” activities within a few days.

    The tension-free repair is technically simple, minimally invasive, and offers patients a safe recovery, with a low rate of recurrence or complications. This method is widely accepted by hernia specialists as an effective technique for many hernia repairs.

If you have symptoms of a hernia, talk with your doctor or call Dr. David Stone at Tri-County Surgical Partners today at 817-877-1911.